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How To Pick The Perfect Accent Chair

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Picking the perfect accent chair for a room can require more thought and consideration than one would think.How? Well, if you think about it, your new accent chair is playing a major role in defining your space. A simple chair can either really help give your room some personality or give it non what-so-ever. You [...]

The Essentials To A Perfect Valentine’s Day Table Setting

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Just as much as the food and wine you serve, the table setting you set out, can really contribute to the overall ambiance.So here are a few simple guidelines will help you establish the desired tone while also keeping it really easy and achievable: For starters, lay down your main plate in the middle of your entire setting, let [...]

Creating A Magazine Style Bed

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Have you ever found yourself flipping through home décor magazines wondering if you could ever have one of those beautiful bed displays in your own home? If you ever have, your follow up thought may either be:  “Well, I could never make my bed like that…” or  “Oh that duvet looks super cute! How much is it? (Looks [...]

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